Hanteens® (By Rainbow Racing Systems®)

Hanteens® (By Rainbow Racing Systems®)
Hanteens® (By Rainbow Racing Systems®)Hanteens® (By Rainbow Racing Systems®)Hanteens® (By Rainbow Racing Systems®)
Veteran Ultra Runner Rich Hanna
Former Ultra Runner of the Year
2nd Place Overall Finisher at the 2012 Way too Cool 50K
& American River 50 Miler at age 47

"Proper hand position is a critical component of good running form. The unique, ergonomic design of the Hanteens allow me to carry my aid without changing my normal hand/finger position. No other hand-held bottle on the market is as comfortable as the hanteens."

Features include:

  • Easy carry handle design
  • Squeezable soft plastic with push-pull top
  • Each hanteen holds 14 fluid ounces
Plus shipping and handling
Online ordering available for continental US shipping only.
For shipping outside of the continental US please call us at 1.800.962.1011

$3.00 each | Quantity 1-10
$2.00 each | Quantity 11-100
$1.70 each | Quantity 101-300
$1.35 each | Quantity 301+

Quantity 1-2: $2.50 each
Quantity 3-8: +.50 each
Quantity 9+: Normal Shipping By Weight (click here)

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Custom Printed Hanteens

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Custom Printed Hanteens
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